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There are many different opinions about the appearance of Sony's mobile phone, some people think that invariability has become the adherence of Dafa, the appearance of ID has been difficult to break through the stumbling block of Sony's mobile phone; and some people say that this kind of blood-line design makes Dafa stand out in this era of homogeneity, very personality. I can't say good or bad for a moment. With Xperia XZs, a great believer in Dafa, it's not hard to name XZs as an upgraded version of XZ. Although the appearance is almost the same, it still attracts my eyes with the phrase "Master Photographer" in the advertisement. So how on earth do we look at Xperia XZs this time?
Apparently, the Xperia XZs is a sharp-edged product that looks tough, but has to admit that it's Sony's family-style look that gives it a high degree of recognition, especially when the screen is dark and the Xperia XZs is dark, so the whole machine is quite black. There is an aesthetic meaning of putting out the screen.
With a 5.2-inch 1080P IPS screen on the front, Xperia XZs responsibly displays a delicate, seemingly transparent screen that compensates for missing pixels in color with an X-Reality moving image engine to enhance contrast and clarity. When you turn on X-Reality on the display, you can see that color saturation increases. If this mode doesn't suit you, you can also choose super-realistic mode. Saturation and clarity go further. Overall, the overall quality of the screen is good.
Xperia XZs carries this system can be said to be very clean, basically no too much pre-installed software, but there is also a major problem, is that the system in addition to the familiar voice assistant, no basic localization functions, such as yellow pages, SMS recognition and virtual button switching functions are not supported, you can say this The lack of geochemical functions is the biggest problem that SONY needs to overcome in terms of system.
Photography was the highlight of the Xperia XZs, an upgraded version of the XZ, but for the first time Sony's strongest IMX400 sensor, with a sensor size of 1/2.3, a camera with 19 million pixels and an F/2.0 aperture, was installed. The most interesting thing to look at is the IMX400 sensor, which has a DRAM layer built in between the pixel module and the circuit module to act as a buffer. That's why Xperia XZs can shoot slow motion video up to 960 fps, and the iPhone can only shoot 240 FPS at frame rate, so 960 FPS is it. Let's take a look at what kind of concept.
In super slow motion shooting, Xperia XZs actually inserts 960 FPS slow motion segments into ordinary videos. Of course, you can also shoot 960 FPS slow motion segments directly. However, because of the high data throughput requirements of the shooting screen, the screen can last only 5 seconds. Don't underestimate these 5 seconds, from the above picture taken. It really shocked us. It was something we couldn't normally see with our eyes. The slow motion seemed to freeze for a moment.
Of course, Xperia XZs slow motion shooting also has shortcomings, such as shooting video resolution is only 720P, for environmental light requirements are higher, and slow motion shooting also tests the ability of the user to capture action, but overall speaking, this slow motion shooting is indeed called Xperia XZs black technology, high playability, I believe. Next generation slow motion technology will be more powerful.
From the sample, Xperia XZs is very good at micro performance, the background of the virtual effect is particularly in place, the overall sample has a sense of hierarchy, of course, the details are richer, the color is more natural.
The Xperia XZs do excel in daytime imaging and color accuracy, thanks to the 19-megapixel camera's apparent superiority in resolution and the ability to retain more detail, but the white balance drifts in individual settings, but this is not too much to ignore.
Xperia XZs also made significant progress in night photography, especially in anti-glare ability, and the noise control is good, from the sample sheet can see the sky dark very pure almost no noise, but zoom in on the details of the picture, the picture quality will be slightly lost, in general, Xperia XZs in imaging calculation. Above is the first tier level.
Every time Sony was mentioned, people would judge Dafa by what they call "belief," but after I had experienced the Xperia XZs, a craftsmanship sprang up in my mind. The high level of fine craftsmanship made such a decent phone feel good, bringing in a black division for a small upgrade. Super slow motion shooting, seemingly a small step, is a big step. Maybe Xperia XZs isn't top-notch in configuration, but it allows super slow motion to take a slow look at life. Why refuse it?
It's no exaggeration to say that the Xperia XZs still retain the inherited broad forehead and jaw, with Sony LOGO occupying a lot of space at the top and virtual keys at the bottom. There's still plenty of room left, and it's really a bit of a mistake, to be honest, if you narrow your forehead and chin, it's believed to bring a whole new feeling.
But the good news is that the top receiver acts as a loudspeaker to interact with the bottom speaker, especially when playing games or watching movies. 
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