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used sony Xperia XA1 [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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technical parameter
Screen: 5 inch HD 720P IPS display, tempered glass
Size: 145 x 67 x 8 mm
Weight: 143g
Color: Black / White / Pink / gold
Processor: MediaTek P20 MT6757 eight core processor
Run memory: 3GB LPDDR3
Storage space: 32GB eMMC (remove system occupancy available 24GB)
External storage: microSD, Max 256GB (Class 10 & UHS-1)
Postcamera: 2300W Exmor RS IMX300 (default metallographic camera 2000W) 5x clear zoom, mixed focus, supplementary light, static photo maximum ISO6400, video maximum ISO3200, the latest focus distance 120mm
Front facing camera: 800W Exmor R IMX219, supports auto focus, maximum ISO3200 (photo video).
Connectivity: NFC, Bluetooth 4.2 (aptX) single and double card versions all support Unicom 2, 3, 4G network, all dual card versions, some single card versions (G3125) support mobile 2, 4G network, do not support China Telecom CDMA network
Battery capacity: 2300mAh, supports Qnovo adaptive charging, supports PE 2 fast charging standard.
Interface: 3.5mm headphone interface, Type-C interface
System: Android Nougat 7 Xperia customization system
Unpacking and appearance
Accessories are also old three: charger, data cable, earphone. There are no randomly configured quick charging chargers and better headphones.
The front openings are near the border, similar to Xperia Z2, but do not think they are double speakers.
The opening at the top is the receiver, and the opening at the bottom is the microphone, which is used only as a voice call.
What about speakers? Next to the bottom Type-C interface:
The bottom center is the Type-C interface, and it also supports USB-OTG plug-in and pull-out, which is really convenient for transferring files and stuff from a U-disk.
The back cover is a plastic skin-like coating. It feels comfortable but very scratchy. There are already scratches on the day of arrival. There are already many lines in it today. I have painted these two pictures for a long time.
The side continues to use the circular clock power button, the feel is good, the volume key moved to the top of the power button, the camera button is still in place.
Talk about <wbr>- <wbr> SONY <wbr>Xperia <wbr>XA1 <wbr>
The top and bottom are made of metal, with a ring-shaped bright metal edge added. Good detail. Compact and strong workmanship. Sony's mid-and low-end machines seem to be getting better quality.
The machine was purchased by a friend in Hong Kong on the first day of its launch. Because the last XA was lime green with black edges or was quite obvious, it simply chose black. It would feel that the black edges were hidden, and that it preferred the black-and-white skin-like texture after handling Xperia XA1 Ultra in a Sony store before coming.
The box is also the same as last year, white cuboid.
The one-handed grip is good, and the Taifang underneath does have some tops, but it also has a point of focus. The XA1 is ultra-narrow side design, which helps to reduce the chance of mistouch. Holding the index finger and middle finger in the left hand makes it easy to touch the power button, and the thumb is naturally placed on the power button when holding the right hand.
Card slot
Xperia XA1 uses a dual card slot SD card slot design, you do not have to worry about whether to insert a double card or a SIM card SD card, rest assured that all three cards are put in, XA1 also supports LTE WCDMA network standby, higher communication quality.
Because of some factors in mainland China, Google's service will be more power-intensive if it doesn't turn off synchronization after landing, and I'm a heavy Google addict, with basic schedules, news, search, and email all done through Google's service applications, so it's not surprising that the power consumption ranking is at the top. This restriction makes the Xperia XA1 not ideal, normal use is not bad from the morning out to work at night home still have electricity, after all, the battery is not big, its positioning is to cope with daily use, heavy users please go out to look right, this machine is really not suitable. It can also be extended to better use, for example, more stringent background control mechanisms, domestic use of excluded Google services.
Xperia XA1 supports fast NFC pairing and can connect to audio devices with NFC, but XA1 does not support Sony's latest LDAC technology, and the wireless Bluetooth audio codec standard only supports apt-X. After listening to LDAC, you can't accept a lower standard.
With regard to NFC, the Xperia XA1 white paper specifically mentions its support for MFC mobile payments on MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards. In mainland China, it can also realize the mobile payment of domestic credit cards and the bus card function of NFC-SIM card by installing UnionPay Wallet Card space.
The characteristic function is worth mentioning.
Xperia operation
This function in fact before the new machine news is basically a brushstroke or not mentioned, but in the use of the process still experienced a lot of playability. It can automatically adjust mobile phone settings according to daily time changes and geographic location changes, which can be understood as a built-in version of the system's smart connection.
This feature is a new software feature for Xperia devices in 2017, and it is impossible to extract or know if old devices will be upgraded.
Some comparisons with Xperia XA:
SONY mobile used the phrase Slogan when issuing Xperia XA1:
Best-in-class camera
Best camera at the same level
It comes with the same Sony Exmor RS IMX300 sensor as the Xperia Z5, X, X Performance, and XZ, with a hybrid focusing and 0.6s snapshot, two skills that Sony's flagship handset only had last year.
So what is the real performance of Xperia XA1? First look at the film:
Due to upload restrictions, 
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